Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Advertisements (Image Ads in Google Search) (Google Merchant Center)


1. You will own your AdWords account.  If you do not have one, we will help you create one.

2. We will be handling your AdWords account from our Google AdWords My Client Center (MCC) account.  You should provide User and API access.

3. Please provide details about your Marketing Campaign like Products / Services, Target Location, Website details, …

4. We will be generating Google AdWords Conversion Code and will request you or your web development team to paste it in your website.

5. You will be providing required Product Details, Descriptions, Prices, Tax details for your Products in an Excel.

6. You will have to sign up for Google Merchant Center and provide credentials to our team


1. Monthly Reports will be generated with Top Performing Ads,  Budget Spent, Month on Month progress and conversions.

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